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Great things start with a great idea.

Our team is comprised of a doctor, an engineer, coders, an MBA, and a teacher. We are visionaries with a fresh way to market consumer items and to help our communities. We had an idea back in 2015 and since then we have tweaked and massaged our product through new versions and have produced the current iteration that is ideal for the era in which we live.

Based in Austin, Texas, we are regular folk and ordinary consumers and we have found ioFundit to be an ideal feature for manufacturers, consumers and for businesses around us.  And it provides immense help to both our community, and our economy especially now, as they struggle through a downturn.

We see how things like asynchronous education, remote working, curbside service and telemedicine are evolving and have fit in today, and ioFundit is constructively transformative on that same level.

We've created a methodology that doesn't require a membership or a contract: something simple and straightforward and which doesn't play on words, gimmicks, points or coupons... We've created something that is easy for manufacturers and large retail businesses to use. And easy for the average person to start or stop which makes a for a win-win! 

Let's get started:)

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